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July 9, 2020
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A new dawn in South Imenti politics as industrious, youthful leaders form Vugu Vugu, an outfit that’s agitating for better leadership in the constituency

Kenyan electorate display a certain level of apathy towards politics, and subsequently make costly mistakes in the choice of their political leaders. The electorate then resignedly settle into a disgruntled period as they wait out their mistakes till the next election.

The new election dawns, and general amnesia creeps in.

The cycle goes on.

Meru County ranks highly as one of the country’s pillars in lots of ways: Economic, Agricultural, Political alliances, et al. The county residents’ living standards are well above par, on a mean average – but, individually, segments of the county are still under-developed. These segments are largely sidelined as the substantial national county cake is shared out.

Mr. George Kinyua - Vugu Vugu Chairman - addresses residents during the awareness drive
Mr. George Kinyua – Vugu Vugu Chairman – addresses residents during the awareness drive

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Take South Imenti, for instance.

This is a constitutional segment in the larger administration pie of the expansive Meru County, under leadership of the incumbent MP Kathuri Murungi, and a smattering of MCA’s struggling under a dubious yoke of making a choice.

This choice is simple: Do I serve the people, or do I serve the masters-that-be, because, after all, we have elections coming up?

The struggle between partisan loyalty and service to the people has marginalized sections of the county. These people are deemed to be paying the price for ‘not voting properly’.

However, sooner or later, a generation will rise – youthful, learned and industrious – that will seek to upset the political trend. This generation has been born, and risen through the worst of political tenures, weaned upon yarns and yarns of fiscal political promises. This is the generation responsible for most of the world’s most iconic upheavals, for instance, the Arabian Uprising.

Mr. Nick Mburugu, a former MCA, and one of the founder members
Mr. Nick Mburugu, a former MCA, and one of the founder members

Please, arise as The Vugu Vugu Community Leaders, in South Imenti becomes a reality.

Vugu Vugu is a community-empowering political outfit formed of ambitious, youthful professionals drawn across the six wards of South Imenti – Abogeta, igoji and Mitunguu regions. It has a clear objective, mission and futuristic vision for the apparently marginalized section of the larger Meru County.

As a major objective, Vugu Vugu seeks to educate and enlighten the south Imenti community on political leadership, and agitate for a more inclusive leadership structure – that represents and equally upholds all areas. The outfit also seeks to mobilize leaders and like-minded people for a common political goal, regardless of class, faith, creed or religion.

As a testament of the ingrained will to make a difference in the lives of the community, Vugu Vugu has independently joined the fight against the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic. The outfit has privately funded and launched Covid-19 community awareness drives.

Scenes from the drive
Scenes from the drive

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On 8th and 9th May, 2020, Vugu Vugu independently acquired and distributed 10,000 masks, 600 water tanks, 1,000 liters of sanitizers, 300 liters of hand washing liquid soap. These are being distributed free across South imenti – Abogeta West and Nkuene wards, Abogeta  East na Igoji East wards respectively.

Membership is open to all persons with roots in South Imenti, regardless of their current place of residence or profession.

For correspondence, interested applicants can contact Vugu Vugu via email address vuguvugpower@gmail.com.

Alternatively, on social media – Vugu South Imenti Facebook Page, Twitter @vuguvugupower.

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