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November 30, 2020
Wanderlust Diaries

An exciting recap to a Father’s Day road trip with my daughter!

The ultimate daddy-daughter duo trip, as told word-for-word by Antony Alexandria Irungu. Read on:

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It’s said that an apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree but this one fell right at the base of the tree. We share the same interests; travelling, photography, and challenging adventures.

In July last year during the Safari Rally Weekend in Naivasha, we did a road trip to the Rift Valley View Points, Hell’s Gate National Park, Geothermal Spa and spent the night at the Fish Eagle Inn Cottages along the shores of lake Naivasha.

At Dinner time, she came with an idea that the following morning, we should climb Mt. Longonot.

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We woke up early and passed by Kedong Ranch in Naivasha for the African Safari Rally spectator stage. In between Naivasha and Longonot town, the Safari rally cars were zooming past us like we were stationary and it was interesting seeing boda boda riders and Toyota Probox drivers trying to race these turbocharged machines.

Well, I live by the scout’s motto of “Always be Prepared” but I wasn’t well prepared attire wise and we all know that mountain climbing and jeans don’t mix. Luckily, I was wearing flex jeans and that’s how I ended up on Mt. Longonot in jeans and a cowboy hat looking like a secular musician from Gatanga preparing to launch a Kikuyu album titled, “Maithori ma Kirima kia Rongonoti (The Tears of Mt. Longonot).

As we climbed, we could see giraffes and buffaloes grazing in the plains below but what was more spectacular was finding hundreds of climbers sprawled on the trail burnt out and defeated. Some were huffing and puffing like old John Deere tractors of Narok wheat farms.

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Others were wishing that the volcanic soil would turn into Glucose to energize them. Some were cursing the gods of Olongonot for inviting them to come and suffer on the mountain of despair and tears. Others were humming to the “Kafa Kuinuka (better to go home) tune and hoping for a miracle from Enkai to enable them limp back to the main gate below.

Finally, we made it all the way to the crater and found a 7-yr-old boy just finishing walking around the crater with his parents. We saved the hike around the rim for another day (had done it solo before).

The hack for mountain hiking is very simple. Maintain a steady pace and if you have to take a break, don’t sit or lie down but catch a breather while standing.

For maximum enjoyment, we had a driver who was also a great photographer.

Happy Father’s Day, Alex.

Source: Wanderlust Diaries Ltd.

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