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July 9, 2020
Music & Video Reviews

Gospel artist Terri T beautifully strikes balance between gospel and secular with her iconic Covid-19 themed new release – My Country Kenya

There’s been an overwhelming volume of Covid-19 themed releases by artists all over the world. It’s a practically easy PSI message to pass, right? This genre-range places value on the message, sometimes sacrificing creativity in the process.

Well, not always.

A new release, My Country Kenya by gospel artist, Terri T, stirs the crowded pool differently.

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The pandemic season’s newest release walks the thin line between gospel, and patriotic songs. It’s not an easy balance to strike.

Terri T is a gifted artist who has reigned supreme in gospel music circles with various hits. She’s known mostly for her inspiring hit, Mwathani, and Jesu Mwathani – a dance-able, joyful track sang beautifully in her native language – Meru – albeit all with subtitles.

My Country Kenya is a beautifully written and choreographed track that pays homage to the indefatigable efforts of the government in slaying the ravaging pandemic. The video shows a montage of the country’s most iconic moments and influential figures in recent history.

Hello, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, you’ve been artistically immortalized in an iconic gospel video!

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The video doesn’t do enough justice to Terri T’s absolute grip on fashion – she rocks an elegant white gown, bordered with striking national colors. A fashionista would insist on more lingering scenes of the artist, and less of political shots. It’s a win, though.

While the discerning listener may sway towards the track’s patriotic vibe, the spiritual and the prayerful will easily dig into the soulful mood it creates. It’s undoubtedly a deep prayer for the republic…….and which other time has the nation faced a more malicious enemy?

While the uncertain Covid-19 season will pass, as they surely will, Terri T’s production – My Country Kenya – will largely remain relevant. This is a track that will feature in the future of the country in times national unity is at stake.

A combination of prayerful times, and a subtle call for national unity. And, strength.

Aside: There’s a gospel collabo I’d like to happen, it’s to pair Terri T with Christina Shusho. Their combined acappella, imposing stage presence and a mutual spiritual grounding would produce a timeless gospel work of art.

If you wrongly thought the Meru cannot sing to save their hides, listen to this and re-think that perception:

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