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October 20, 2020
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Learn why the phrase: ‘Don’t be such a Dick!’ is a compliment in South Korea!

This is not a tribute to eroticism, or sex, or typical debauchery.

This is about joy, spirituality and sexuality – in that order. A celebration of the mystical dick.

Has anyone slammed a byline in your face, thus: “Man, don’t be such a dick!”

Well, perhaps, you are in the wrong continent.

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In a small scenic town called Sinnam, in the vast Gangwon Province deep in South Korea, it’s perfectly admirable, and respected to be a total dick.

The residents value the dick so much, that the town hosts the only of its kind in the world, the Haesindang Park.

This park is more widely known as The Penis Park.

The park is noted for its number of phallic statues. Oh, phallic is a polite word for penis.

The collection created by Korean artists is on display in the form of “hanging arrangements to three-meter tall trunks of wood” – for joy, spirituality and sexuality.

The origin is traced to a community legend.

The legend goes that a woman was once left by her man on a rock in the sea while he worked. The man was later unable to retrieve her because of a storm, and the woman drowned. After that, the village people were not able to catch fish.

Some said that it was because of the dead woman.

One day, a fisherman urinated into the water and afterward, he was able to catch fish, so it was thought that exposing the deceased virgin to male genitalia pleased her. To soothe her spirit further, the local village people made several phallic wooden carvings and held religious ceremonies on her behalf.

After a while, the fish slowly returned and the villagers were able to live comfortably again. The place where the woman died was named Auebawi Rock and the building where the religious ceremony is held twice a year was named Haesindang.

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The ceremony is still honored today as a traditional folk event.

So, if you like dick, there’s a place for you in the world.

The Haesindang Park, in South Korea.

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