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November 30, 2020
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Msanii Foreman pays tribute to motherland in a dance-able, poetic ode dubbed Africa, alongside Faith Stan, G-Bana and Flex Muziki (Audio)

US-based Kenyan artist and performer is back on the airwaves with a new banger, just a few weeks after a magnificent release – Roho Yangu – and a turbulent period battling the ravaging pandemic.

Msanii Foreman is an afro-hip hop Kenyan artist setting music trends and standards in the United States.

The track – Africa – starts with catchy, slow, danceable beats characteristic with African-themed fiesta music. The feel of the track is celebratory: say, an open-air gig like a wedding – generally, a feel-good music. It’d be a favorite for a performing band or orchestra…..

Artist Faith Stan

The lyrics in Africa flow in effortless Swahili. This, for an US-based artist is commendable – and certainly touches base with his homegrown fan base. It’s deeply patriotic, and the resonating instrumentals is a reflection of the continent’s rich percussion roots in music.

Perhaps, Foreman’s greatest touch lies in his versatility, gauged from an eclectic choice of featuring artists.

Faith Stan is a talented composer, and gifted singer and performer, with immensely popular releases like, Jirani Amenimada. She’s performed alongside top musicians like T-Dat, and appeared on a myriad of TV shows. Faith Stan’s music dwells on everyday societal trends, like dating, family and showbiz.

Flex Muziki is increasingly establishing a niche in the contemporary afro-beat scene in Kenya. With commanding releases like Umeniweza, Ananiona and the inspirational Nakuhitaji featuring Kaki Mwihaki.

What’s interesting is that Flex Muziki is Msanii Foreman’s younger brother – and, Africa, is their first collabo!

Artist Flex Muziki

G Bana blends in with perfect chemistry to add an overall plus to the track. A presentation of awesome vocals, and a rusty undertone to the Africa audio.

While the video is yet to debut, the Africa audio is already rising up charts and ruling radio waves across East Africa since the release. It’s a definite entity on clubbing, social scene and corporate event.

The sing-along lyrics in glowing Swahili, as the track begins with Faith Stan’s melodious vocals, is a great piece of work.

Check out the Africa audio below, and sample Msanii Foreman’s artistic offering:

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