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July 10, 2020

Near-fatal Tribulations aboard Zuri Genesis bus, Route 44

The long awaited Friday can be quite dreadful as well. We all deserve a good weekend after a busy week. And what better way to start your weekend than Friday evening. Most of our minds are automatically set to switch of from formal work on Friday afternoon. Texts like, `uko wapi leo’ flood your notification and the afternoon becomes brighter even if it is raining cats and dogs outside.

It is not end month yet, so Uber is a big no. Finishing your errands early so that you get to beat the matatu queues.

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It wasn’t a normal ride home for one Mercy Mwangi on the Friday of 24th May 2019. She unfortunately found herself as the only passenger heading to Kahawa West using the Zuri Genesis bus. Her route home quickly changed as the bus, plate number KCB 471R diverted towards Kiambu. The young lady took notice of this and asked the driver and the conductor what was going on. They ignored her as the driver kept on driving. Soon enough her questions turned in to screams, only for the driver to drown her `noise’ by blasting music on the radio.

This did not stop Mercy from raising alarm leading to the tout locking her in and demanding silence. It was then when Mercy saw the tout lock the door know that something was definitely up the sleeves of the people who were to take her home safely. She quickly resorted to jumping out of the window of the moving bus.

No Guts, No glory.

The driver of the Zuri bus
The driver of the Zuri bus

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She injured her back in doing so and broke her ankle.  Literally. Luckily, a motorist saw Mercy jumping out of the moving bus, acted quickly and blocked the road, making the bus come to a stop. They then called cops from nearby Kiamumbi Police Station.

In the movies, normally when the cops are called, the offenders are taken to court charged and jailed. They may serve a jail term of a month(s) or years depending on the crime. Justice has never looked so promising the way it does in movies.  Only that, this is not a movie, this is real life. Reality doesn’t hit hard like the way it does in Kenya.

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The bus, according to a post on social media, is still operating after the occurrence on Friday evening. The matatu driver and his colleague are on a Ksh. 30,000.00 bond charge for ` negligence’ while the bus is still earning on the road.

The victim of this whole situation is still at the hospital, her bills rising as each day dawns. On a Facebook post under the #justiceForMercy, one angry Kenyan posted, ` hawa watu wafungwe for attempted rape, kidnap, robbery and murder.’

Faith, a fellow citizen disagreed and wrote `…in case of any heavy traffic they (referring to the Zuri transport system) use Kiambu Road. Maybe the lady (Mercy) was not aware of this and that’s why she panicked. Sometimes, it’s good to keep calm.

Not so many Kenyans were happy with that comment and as the hashtag keeps on trending. All we can do is hope that the truth of this story comes out and know what the true intentions of the duo were.


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