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October 22, 2020

No Guns for Gangs: The slogan driving DCI detectives into overdrive to bring daring criminals under control!

Despite the turmoil due to the ravaging COVID-19 epidemic, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is working overdrive to contain an upsurge of crime. The new directives like the curfew is favorable to some criminal elements. However, the gents and ladies in uniform are up to the task.

Look at the impressive report, in just a month.

March 28th, 2020: In the wee hours of the night, a gang took advantage of a heavy downpour in Muhoroni, Kisumu County to break into an armory – Kibos Police Post. The gang steal three (3) rifles – a G3, LIAI and a MP5) – all serious assault weapons. Also missing was 150 rounds of ammunition.

March 29th, 2020: An armed gang of five (5) men using two (2) motorbikes accost an M-Pesa operator at Daraja Mbili in Kisumu robbing her of Kes. 230,000, three (3) mobile phones & a TV set. They are armed with a G3 rifle, and fire four (4) rounds into the air.

 A recovered MP5 Assault Rifle
A recovered MP5 Assault Rifle

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April 2nd, 2020: A prime suspect in the robbery; Hesbon Omondi aka Ras Tendi (19 yrs), was arrested at his home in Kanyakwar, Kisumu. A G3 rifle wrapped in a sack was recovered. The assault rifle was identified as among the weapons stolen from Kibos Police Post.

Further investigations lead detectives to his accomplice’s house in the same locality. In the house, assorted clothing items that constitute police uniform are recovered – berets, jungle trousers & smoke jackets. These items had been stolen from the house of an Inspector of Police on 10th March, 2020 while the officer was undertaking a course at the National Police College, Kiganjo.

April 4th, 2020: The recovery mission lead detectives to an ongoing robbery with violence case involving the accused Godfrey Omondi, whose two accomplices were arrested at Kabiria in Dagoreti. One suspect – Joseph Mwai (24yrs) – has a pistol loaded with 10 rounds. The other suspect – Abdisuleiman Abdul (22yrs) – has a Taurus pistol with 54 rounds. Both pistols & ammo are recovered.

Recovered Police outfits
Recovered Police outfits

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April 7th, 2020: Four (4) male robbery with violence suspects are arrested. A G3 rifle with a magazine loaded with 7 rounds were recovered. The weapon and ammo had been buried in a maize plantation, and was certified to have been stolen from Olasi Police Post, Nyando, in January 2020.

April 8th, 2020: Apt forensic intelligence lead detectives to Mumias West, to Emikwa Village. This is the home to a seasoned robbery with violence ex-convict George Abuti Wesonga (43yrs). The man had been released in September 2019 on remission while serving a 20-year jail term at Kondiaga GK prison since 2005.

DCI detectives surround the suspect and order him to surrender. He defies the orders prompting a shootout which see him fatally injured. A search in his homestead lead to the recovery of an MP5 rifle that was stolen at Kibos Police Post & over a dozen rounds of ammunition.

April 10th, 2020: DCI detectives further their recovery mission at the said Emikwa area and manage to recover 77 live rounds and a magazine pouch. In addition, several Safaricom sim cards.

Later, on the same day, another key suspect who was recently released from prison – Charles Wamukoya (37yrs) – are arrested in Mumias West, at his home in Nyakwaka Village. An ensuing search see the recovery of the remaining LIAI rifle stolen from Kibos Police Post buried in his farm.

Recovered Safaricom and Airtel sim cards
Recovered Safaricom and Airtel sim cards

Also buried alongside the rifle, was a magazine with 19 rounds.

This marks a successful recovery of all the rifles stolen from Kibos Police Post. Since the unfortunate theft, the firearms have been used in a number of violent robberies in Siaya, Mumias, Maseno and Katitu.

The public is reminded to report any suspicious occurrence in their neighborhoods to the nearest police station, or anonymously through the various police hotlines available online.

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