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October 22, 2020

Passion of the Plague: Corona the great colonizer

How fashionable it used to be, for one to set his feet abroad, to have a passion beyond the confines of the homeland and the familiar….

How unfashionable it is now, the moment one declares a return from US, UK, Italy and worse… China, and medical checkup becomes your portion.

How times change, that staying at home is the new normal and fashion as in self quarantine, yet the risk has only come closer, to the most beloved…

How powerful GOD is, that with a single stroke, HE demonstrates, that all human knowledge, technology and civilizations, can be wiped out in a moment…

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How times have changed, that a secular state like Italy can have its premier Giuseppe declare, that looking upon the skies is the only respite, for the earth and its solutions are untenable. … And a prayerful Kenya is led by President Uhuru, clergy and with laxity at State House, seeking heavenly intervention, purge and pardon, for The Almighty to heal the land…

How times have changed, that science has no alternative to faith but a humbling concurrence that some things are inter metaphysical and, that GOD is the ultimate authority.

How times have changed, that a simple handshake can become so contagious, that economies the world over, can come down tumbling due to that contagion….

How humbling is the silence of the hoods, when the chatter of merchants is muted, and replaced by the theater of the mundane, a rallying call for personal survival, beyond the need for an extra coin….

How parliaments have gone quiet, and the mighty doors of the August houses have shut with a bang, as debate is relegated to the periphery, in the comfort of the ubiquity that social… distance…..media… provides. WhatsApp?

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Oh, how the mighty GOD has released upon the earth, a plague that has seen the most powerful get isolated, from Angela Merkel the Iron Lady of  German Economy that is Europe, to Christian Trudeau of Canada, the latter day defender of multiculturalism.  From American senators like Rand Paul, to Presidential runners up Mit Romney, who wonders if self-isolation is the way, after mates swim away in the waters of the senate pool.

How powerful is the pull in the Kenyan Senate, calling out on senators returned from abroad, not knowing if the contact was so close, when the house was called to adjourn, in order to deter… the contagion.

Oh, how men of the cloth defy the clarion call to lock down their sanctuaries, motivated by nothing more than faith, until matters offertory are brought to bear, revealing that church craft can be based on primordial human instincts, the shepherd not minding the welfare of the flock.

Oh, how the wretched of the earth, are mortal and fallible, from the famous actors, footballers, artists, and activists; to the lowly and meek in the slums of MATHARE and Rural KAKAMEGA. How the latter have brought to the fore, the impact and local knowledge of this global crisis in their lives, with words such as Coloni, Corora and Corinelius…

Oh, how traders have nothing to trade for maternal instincts; when mothers scuffle over those rolls of paper, that both the high and the lowly need when the call of nature beckons, to visit that small room in there…

How the shelves in the stores begin to empty without replenish, yet family needs not famish, and the farmer must tender to his farm, if to keep the pillars of the nation to as firm.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, the faithless have been shaken, that a calamity by a handshake, has stopped the mighty wheel from rolling… For the endemic pandemic, has destroyed the knowledge deployed, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Oh, how we have to listen… to the motions of life as they go slow, as the tide of life goes so low…and our faith gets to flow…in the confines of our homes so close.. Where all society begins to grow. And we rediscover our passion… for behold a new life…beyond the horizons… after the conquest of this endemic pandemic…

….the human spirit reborn from Covid-19…

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