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October 20, 2020

The content creator with a noble dream to inspire PWDs through viral inspirational videos on TikTok

Brian Muchiri is wheelchair-bound, but his dreams, mind-set and energy is surreal.

This innovative creator uses the short-form mobile video platform TikTok to share uplifting stories about his personal journey and struggles in order to promote awareness and inspiration to the physically challenged in society.

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The 26-year-old content creator, who is also a lifestyle blogger, has been in a wheelchair for the last six years following a terrible car accident in 2014 that left him with severe spinal injuries which resulted in paralysis from his chest down.

Known by his handle, @brayo_wheels, despite his circumstance Brian continues to share positive vibes with the world by creating TikTok videos that inspire others based on how he manages to manoeuvre through his daily experiences.

Brian joined TikTok late last year (2019) when he saw other physically-challenged users creating content that he describes as fun, educational and who are really comfortable with themselves.

“When I first joined TikTok I would always look at these profiles first to get ideas on what videos to make and which challenges to do. Representation is a very important thing for any group and seeing people similar to me thrive on TikTok inspired me for sure,” says Brian.

The Nakuru-based content creator did not intend to be as active as he is on TikTok when he first signed up but since he uploaded his debut post, which received over 365K views, he has been recording hit after hit with thousands of viewers falling in love with his content. In less than a year, Brain has grown his audience to over 70,000 and counting.

“I am using my profile to break common stereotypes that physically challenged people are unhappy and always sad because we are not. The videos I develop are engaging and an opportunity for me to continue pushing an agenda for awareness and inclusion.”

The fun, outgoing and adventurous creator says that he has found an interesting niche in doing dance routines which incorporate texts throughout the video to enhance the viewer’s experience with often humorous storytelling.

A number of videos he has uploaded on the platform have gone viral garnering millions of views and greatly contributing to the rapid growth of his followers. His most memorable moment on TikTok is when he did a video which incorporated the ‘siren’ sound and a trending dance. The next morning it had over 20k views and to date, the video has been viewed 4.6 million times and shared over two thousand times.

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Brian adds that the platform has exposed him to a global audience by taking his story across the world to people who don’t even speak his language. It has also boosted his confidence as he expresses himself through his content.

“I feel like I am more creative than before. My wish is that this experience will unlock bigger opportunities that will be beneficial to me as well as my community of followers.

With the above preview, we propose an interview with Brian who is happy to share how he is creating awareness for people with disabilities in fun and engaging ways.

Here are a more of his videos on TikTok:

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