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September 23, 2020
Epic Stories

The inspiring, extraordinary story of influential Tesla Founder & CEO, Elon Musk.

This is a larger-than-life figure, whose feats read like a fiction trilogy – an engineer, industrial designer, technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. He’s founder and co-founder to several companies shaping technology in the modern world!

This is a chronological record of Elon’s feats – from childhood to date!


  • Childhood: Read 2 books a day.
  • Age 12: Sells a video game called, Blastar, for $500. At the age of 12!
  • Age 24: Completes a BS in Economics at Wharton Business School as well as a BA in physics at the same time.
  • Age 27: Elon Musk sells Zip2 to Compaq for $307 million dollars. Elon Musk gets $22 million dollars.
  • Age 28: Elon Musk forms http://X.comor Paypal. You can see the interview here: LOST: Elon Musk, Before Paypal
  • Age 30: Paypal is acquired for $1.5 billion dollars and $165 million dollars goes to Elon Musk
  • Age 30: Elon Musk becomes an AMERICAN citizen!
  • Age 30: Elon Musk learns everything about rockets from books alone!
  • Age 30: SpaceX is formed.
Elon Musk, with Paypal Co-founder Peter Thiel (file image)
Elon Musk, with Paypal Co-founder Peter Thiel (file image)


  • Age 32: Elon invests in Tesla Motors.
  • Age 35: SpaceX wins $1.6 billion dollar contract. This literally saves Elon Musk’s companies.
  • Age 36: Became Tesla’s CEO and starts to turn around Tesla in the middle of a recession.
  • Age 38: Tesla launches its IPO and starts to disrupt the automotive industry.
  • Age 39: SpaceX becomes first commercial space company to provide supplies to the ISS
  • Age 40: Tesla begins delivery of Model-S
  • Age 40: Releases design for Hyperloop
  • Age 44: First reusable rocket to reach orbit
  • Age 45: Launches Falcon Heavy
  • Age 45: Gigafactory starts production
The iconic Tesla Roadster - 2020
The iconic Tesla Roadster – 2020


The amazing thing about Elon Musk isn’t his achievements, it’s his persistence through the failures in his life.

He had so many setbacks, catastrophes, and so much hardship in his life that it’s amazing to see how he overcame all of life’s challenges.

That’s what makes Elon Musk.

It’s his tenacity, determination, and inability to consider failure that has allowed him to succeed.

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