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May 25, 2020
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The likely Wangui Kori’s story….

I met Kori a few years ago, when I started working in one of his businesses. He was kind, and pleasant, and helped me settle down – often offering unsolicited help when financial problems at the family level cropped up. Our chemistry was instant, and I instantly fell in love.

However, I knew he was married and kept my distance. At the time, business was just picking up, and he and his wife was constantly travelling – so we hardly met. It’s this time that he entrusted to me the hardware business which I did so well his wife warmed up to me, and we became friends.

At the time, I wasn’t dating anyone else, and during one of his wife’s trips, he asked me to accompany him to a meeting he had with a client. One thing led to another and we spent the night together, in a hotel. That was the beginning of a very beautiful relationship that sadly has brought so much pain.

A file image of Kori (R) and his wife Wambui (L
A file image of Kori (R) and his wife Wambui (L)

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Due to the circumstances then, I had to quit my job at the business, but I remained very close with Kori, and Wambui, his wife. We even belonged to several chama’s, and did some business together.

By this time Kori had rented me an apartment at Four Ways Junction, and he was talking about legalizing our marriage, but he was in a dilemma. He couldn’t think of an easy way to inform his wife that we were an item – as Wambui and I were still very close friends.

That’s when I offered to help out – my plan was to break the news to Wambui in a soft way. On the fateful day, I invited her out to a lunch date, at Homelands Lounge, off Thika Road. We had a lot of fun. However, I still couldn’t find a way to break out the news.

The idea to invite her to my apartment came as a last result. I had a lot of Kori’s stuff all over the house – framed photos, clothes and such. My plan was to let her find out by herself, then we could sit and talk it out together. I wanted to let her know I didn’t have any desire to snatch her husband, and just wanted her blessing to share him, as a co-wife.

Unfortunately, Wambui freaked out. She started screaming at me, branding me a Judas, a traitor. As I tried to calm her down, she completely lost her mind and attacked me. She grabbed a knife off the kitchen sink and tried to stab me, so I had to defend myself.

A file image of Judy Wangui, Kori's mistress
A file image of Judy Wangui, Kori’s mistress

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I cannot exactly say what happened, as I lost control due to fear, but a few minutes later, I saw Wambui slumped down on the floor, bleeding profusely from some head injuries. I also had a few bruises.

I panicked. I couldn’t think. Its then that I called my friend Michael, who runs a car-hire business.

This led to a series of more mistakes.

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