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April 7, 2020
Music & Video Reviews

The Ochungulo Family teams up with The Boondocks Gang & Adi Chokoch to drop a sizzling video on ‘Sambusa

The prolific Ochungulo Family have rapidly created a huge fan base and effortlessly carved a niche in the neo-industry’s hip hop scene, with hit after hit – mostly with an overbearing party theme. In a bid to keep up with the current trend which has party hits dropping on the scene on an almost-daily basis, the outfit has released a new club banger.

Sambusa – Ochungulo Family, Ft. Boondocks & Adi Chokoch.

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They do not disappoint. It’s in the classic Ochungulo Family style – expect thumping, resonating beats blended to catchy free-flow rapping – of course, introduced by the outfit’s signature lines: Bad Man Tings, Utaniua…

Though Ochungulo Family continues to challenge peers in the trade, they still aptly chose to pair up with an equally gifted outfit, Boondocks Gang, and the result is impressive. This track shows a more refined style, in terms of core beats, dance routines and rap flow.

The second featured artists in the track – Adi Chokoch – in the track Sambusa, are relative newbies in the industry still eking out a comfortable niche in the dynamic party scene. They will definitely make a name. In this track they may seem overshadowed by the two industry heavyweights. They are steadily building a reputable fan base.

A cursory examination of previous releases by Ochungulo Family, though, will show not much has changed at the production house. Their songwriter is pretty much the same guy, considering the unapologetically erotic lyrics. The lines deserve an ‘Explicit-Content-Parental-Guidance’ prompt beforehand, because, well, they need it – audience target is obviously the Z-generation.

The video is awesome, if that’s not an understatement. Director Ricky Bekko is rapidly becoming a definitive name in the business – good job: video graphics and casting techniques.

The dance routines are creative and imaginative (that doesn’t mean the same thing, hello), and makes the video a joy to watch. Needless to say, a video is made or broken by the cast presentation. In this one, the cast spots a teenage carnival-themed-color dress code – bright yellow, red, orange – and it fabulously brings out the oomph in the video. The backdrop is a good choice: the perennial deserted ware house theme never disappoints.

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  • Lyrics are interesting, poetic and catchy, but not suitable for general audience (language).
  • Video is great: good lighting, good backdrop and an active cast.
  • Beats: creative, characteristic dance-club.

It’s a win. It’s a video worth checking out.

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