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October 20, 2020

The sibling modelling pair in Meru whose dominance on the runway is fast making them a regional brand!

The million-dollar question: What did you do at 11 years? Ok, at 13 years?

Pretty much what every other lad does – a fair of naughty and needless mischief. A lot can be explained by indelible marks and scars on knees and shins.

On the grand scheme of things, childhood scars may seem like the legacies of war. Stories of spicy adventures – village legend tales – but, then, things get boring pretty fast. There’s always someone with more badass scars, and more incredulous escapades.

MC Alysha, and ‘mbogi’ yake…

Then, the X-generation comes along.

Everything your generation did seems bovine, or, at best a steaming pile of bull-crap.

Meet the finest sibling pair of runway models, with a tally of titles so impressive, the 13-yr-old you would weep with envy!

Simran Jane, is just 13.

Simran, aka Simmy (file image/Fb)

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While the sunny smile brightens her vibe and aura as the regular next-door-teen, don’t be fooled. Simran is amazingly multi-talented. She’ll do pretty much everything in between riding bikes, dancing, swimming, arts and those irksome DIY challenges around home that you love to ignore.

Simran’s forte and core passion, though, lies in modelling.

She’s got the grace, looks, intellect and charisma for it. The runway loves her in kind, enough to have her scoop exemplary titles in Sueno Africa and Little Miss/Mr. Kenya beauty pageants.

The ‘Main guy around’ – Amraat (file image/Fb)

Amreet Joseph, at just 11.

Young Amreet is aptly described by their mum as ‘Our main guy around’. While pundits are still at cross roads on whether Amreet’s drive and energy is inspired by his ambitious elder sister, he’s curved a unique reputation all on his own.

Amreet has all the signs of a cross-athlete, from good motor skills with skate-boarding to riding bikes. Like every 11-yr-old, this lad loves animated movies and complex video games. In between, the inevitable household chores culture ain’t lost on him. He loves helping out in the house.

Alongside his elder sister Simran, Amreet has starred in corporate marketing and branding gigs. He’s won titles and accolades in the Little Miss/Mr Kenya and Sueno Africa pageants.

Well, at this age – both have been featured as celebrity guests on radio and TV morning shows!

The success of the sibling duo can in part be attributed to their mother’s insatiable hunger to be great, to be an achiever and a tireless innovator.

The pair’s mum is MC Alysha – definitely the region’s most celebrated FemCee.

MC Alysha - celebrated MC, and Philanthropist. (file image/Fb)
MC Alysha – celebrated MC, and Philanthropist. (file image/Fb)

While MC Alysha has made a name in Karaoke hosting sessions in Meru and Nanyuki, she’s a dedicated philanthropist. Since the onset of the pandemic in January, MC Alysha has been cooking and feeding scores of needy street families in Meru Town. It’s incredible, how she balances all these contrasting faces of her persona!

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To contact MC Alysha for business, either corporate branding, endorsement or market activation for your business, call 0720756040 – her personal line. (She kids that she’s her own PA).

Well-wishers can also reach MC Alysha through the same mobile number. She needs all the positive support she can mobilize, as she positively impacts on the lives of the street families in Meru Town.

Jah bless, MC Alysha.

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