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September 23, 2020

The ‘Streetkid Minister’ cop, Re-known for his work with homeless families, seeks Justice

I’ve met and lived amongst many a policeman, and I’ve loved some and hated some in equal measure. I’ve admired them, collectively, hey, who doesn’t love men in uniform? While theirs’ is (mostly) a life of discipline and self-sacrifice, collectively, there shall always be a crop that distinguishes itself above peers in acts that took a little more of themselves.

For instance, Constable Apollo Kioria.

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Administration Policeman, who’s until recently had been based at Jogoo House, serving Nairobi CBD and its environs.

That’s nothing unique. Countless cops patrol the CBD in manly, and ungodly hours. If you frequent the CBD, you’ve probably met cops on patrol. The immediate thing that bangs your mind is how much disposable legal tender do you have if I get nabbed, right? Maybe not. The truth is the city cops have a nasty reputation, and perhaps, collection targets to make.

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Any who, Constable Apollo, has stood out over time. He has a tender following amongst the homeless families around the CBD, and the street kids adore him. Apollo, aged 35yrs and a doting father of one, has over time bent backwards to feed the homeless, from his personal earnings. Read, salary.

Not just feeding them. Tending to their haircuts. Clothing. Group guidance and counselling.

It’s wise to pause here, and ask how much in salary an administration policeman in Kenya earns.

Prior to his posting at Jogoo House, Apollo had served in Murang’a, during the Mungiki heydays and subsequent standoff between the outlawed militia and internal security, then led by the no-nonsense strongman, the late Michuki. He had got a leg injury, for which he had been attending treatment.

Hospital bills for his treatment are privately met, and he has been appealing to his online followers for assistance, through his account on Facebook.

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However, things took an ugly turn mid last year. The leg injury had gotten worse, and he couldn’t attend duty. His senior at the time, recommended a posting back to his former station, Murang’a, despite his pleas that he hadn’t yet recovered. His delay in reporting to the station allegedly led to salary stoppage, from July 2018.

Currently, the AP constable, is bedridden at home. Depressed, and needs help. Recent posts on social media have seen him trending for all the wrong seasons. Feeling abandoned by the system he passionately served and sacrificed for, he’s regrettably leaning towards suicide.

It’s unclear whether his current state is known to his boss at Jogoo House, the Deputy Inspector General, Administration Police Service, Mr. Noor Gabow, EBS.

Meanwhile, street families around the CBD speak fondly of a ‘kindly’, ‘jovial’ and ‘selfless’ cop who not only sacrificed his earnings to feed them, but would also assist them secure treatment whenever they caught ailments on the cold pavements.

Constable Apollo, with his son at home.
Constable Apollo, with his son at home.

The ‘Streetkid Minister’ is missing.

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