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September 23, 2020
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This is why Tupac Shakur shall remain the greatest rapper that Hip Hop has ever seen

Across the world, Tupac Shakur is much loved and commands a huge following, posthumous. It’s quite a feat to remain relevant for so long in Hip Hop. Each day, newer and better rappers are born and obscure gifts burn like a matchstick flame – hot but short

Tupac still reigns supreme even in death as the greatest rapper ever.

The reason is quite simple.

Tupac Shakur loved his music and channeled passion, energy and reason in his game. It’s not an exaggeration to imply that he was an artist that was born in the wrong time and generation. He had excellent songwriting skills, and tangible content to go with it. Although the then-notorious East vs. West rivalry seemed good for business hype, it had a huge cost in terms of focus. This rivalry ultimately led to his untimely demise in a horrific gangland-style shootout.

Tupac’s statistics are unique, but his greatest touch is in modern music. Music technology after his era has gone full circle, with digitally-created beats and effects. This is where Pac’s versatility comes in sharp focus – and a glimpse of how big he’d have become if he’d lived on.

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Modern producers and DJs have lots of fun doing creative remixes and fuses on Pac’s music with present-day stars. His content, and effortless style of lyric delivery beautifully rhymes with modern beats to create awesome music.

Tupac Shakur’s rap segments pulled from his iconic tracks has featured alongside modern-day singers like Sara Larsson, Alicia Keys, Sara Bareilles, Ariana Grande, Adelle, Charlie Puth. The remixes easily come off a world’s apart better than their original versions!

There’s also a glaring question about Pac’s features in remixes with present-day music.

Why is it that Tupac Shakur features heavily in ‘Sad Love Songs’?

It’s easy to figure out why. He’d write and rap on his passion, his life, his family, his neighborhood – on social issues like family, love and heartbreaks, life in the ghetto and social injustices. Unlike modern hip hop heavily leaning on commercial, Pac’s content do not run out of style. The world still grapples with these issues.

There’s quite a list of emotional, soulful, heart-wrenching sad love songs with Pac banging on the heart strings like a possessed Bukusu drummer.

There’s Pac in Eminem’s version of Read All About It, originally done by Emeli Sande. It’s a throbbing, emotional ensemble. The production house, Noda Mix Music further grips the soul with the remix, Gave You My Heart.

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The greatest magic with Pac, though, happens when he’s fused with the gangsta rappers like Eminem, The Game, T.I and their peers.

Not Afraid to Sleep Tupac ft. Eminem. It’s done by Noda Mix Music (2018).

That All She Wrote Tupac ft. Eminem, T.I, Nipley.

The masterpiece remix in the forlorn Sad Love Songs category – reserved for the broken hearts and the damaged – is the lyrical video-rendition to Baby Please Don’t Cry, featuring the star Sara Larsson.

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