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October 20, 2020

Two more Kenyan gamers achieve millionaire-status thanks to The Mozzart Daily Jackpot!

The Mozzart Daily Jackpot is proving to be the easiest Jackpot in Kenya. Guess what! Mozzart has provided another pair of Jackpot winners in a span of just weeks.

From a fixed stake of only 50 Bob, Mr. Bonuke Samwel and Mr. Robert Mwela, a Nairobi based pharmacist are the latest Mega Millionaires in town after hitting 10,000,000 Shs each on the same day courtesy of the Mozzart Daily Jackpot!

Unlike in other sports betting companies, the Mozzart Daily Jackpot winnings are not divided among winners, so instead of them sharing the 10 Million Shs for 13 correct predictions, they each went away with the 10 M. Mozzart parting ways with a total of Ksh 20,000,000 instantly.

 “The very first day I played the Daily Jackpot, I placed three different bets on the day’s offer, unfortunately I lost all the 3 bets but I still got paid on each bet-slip 1,000 Shs as a bonus for losing all games. A total of Ksh 3,000 yet I had lost all my bets? This really motivated me to stick to Mozzart.” – Mwela

“For now what’s on my mind is opening a Pharmacy business, it’s in line with what I studied and what I’ve been doing. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll not look at any other opportunities.” Mwela said of what his plans were after the windfall.

“Mozzart Daily Jackpot is the easiest Jackpot because even if you don’t win the 13 games, there are higher chances of you winning the bonuses…and again it is only on Mozzart Bet that jackpot winnings and bonuses are not shared.” Bonuke remarked.


  • 12 correct predictions –  Ksh 100,000
  • 11 correct predictions – Ksh 10,000
  • 10 correct predictions – Ksh 1,000
  • 9 correct predictions – Ksh 500
  • 8 correct predictions – Ksh 50
  • 0 (all missed) – Ksh 1,000

www.mozzartbet.co.ke have now normalized winning a Jackpot, just last month, two men won the Mozzart Daily Jackpot again on the same day.

Have a look at their bet Slips here.

Mwela’s bet slip 1

Bonuke’s bet slip 1 

Make a decision, Mozzart Bet!


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