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October 22, 2020

US-based Kenyan singer & Hollywood actor sends a message of encouragement to Kenyans in a beautiful song

As cases of COVID-19 continue being reported across the country, there’s a pulsating wave of fear unfolding in tandem with the ravaging pandemic. World economic giants like USA, Spain and Italy continue to reel against the onslaught, and greater fear is on African states with reportedly weaker health systems, facilities and resources.

That’s a fear that has been put into actual words by one of the continent’s leading philanthropists, Mrs. Melinda Gates.

US-based Kenyan singer Silas Mwenda
US-based Kenyan singer Silas Mwenda

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However, Silas Mwenda, a US-Based Kenyan Gospel singer & Hollywood Actor has urged fellow countrymen not to panic but instead leave everything to God. In his latest song, ‘Mwachie Mungu’ he urges everyone to leave things in the hands of God, no matter how the situation looks like.

“God is still able, and He didn’t bring us to this life to suffer,” quips Silas, adding, “He will make a way, especially in this situation when the world is engulfed with pain and questions and no one seems to have an answer.”

Silas is a Silas Mwenda is an established actor, known for amongst others, Our Souls at Night (2017), Ryde or Die (2018) and To Be You.

Have a listen to ‘Mwachie Mungu’ below;


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